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On Monday night, I posed a question to my adult learners working towards their Specialist Diploma in Career Counselling.

The case was a 3rd yr law undergraduate who wanted to.pursue a career in marine conversation, and I asked them how I should help my student.

Fast forward 3 nights later, I read on Google search which throws up random news on my mobile of this internship opportunity in turtle conservation in Maldives.

Isnt this weird amazing?

Although it was a real counselling case, that was a question posed last year. I am not sure if that law student still harbours secret dreams of being a marine conservationist.

But I learnt a lesson. Stay true to your dreams. They may take a while to materialise. Tell Google. And Career Counsellors, hey Ive included the internship news below. Its possible. She just might learn how to marry legal wotk with marine conservation.

Luxury Maldives hotel hiring intern to rescue turtles, expenses covered


Photo: Company reps doing volunteer service in Shanghai

🌿Do you have an idea for doing good?

🌿Want to network with others to do good?

🌿You lack ideas of what to do, or where to give?

🌿Want to make doing good as a career?

Here are some ideas if you do not currently work for a company that does social impact. You can start off by looking at the Social Impact Landscape provided by Asia Venture Philanthropy networks (AVPN) or attend their networking events.

Hackathon Guide


Social Innovation Park



VentureForGood Youth

Central Singapore CDC – Do-Good Fund

Young Change Makers Fund

National Youth Fund

Ideas for Hackathon


CSR in the Value Chain

Social Impact investing

In my visits across larger Asian cities, Im beginning to see more companies using social impact as a way of company bonding. Research shows that when we spend time helping others, our wellness level improves too.

If you are currently enrolled in a university programme, there are resources you can enroll in.

NUS Enterprise





Spotted at 8am, Tuesday morning, a group of employees from Tokio Marine picking up trash at Tokyo Station. Enjoying a walk, company branding or team bonding. Just do it.

Picking up trash, sorting out rubbish and tray return.

Tokyo is a clean city. Singapore employs 70,000 cleaners.

Rupp et al (2018) reported that for employees lower in individualism, external forms of regulation, managers explicit expectations on employees’ participation in CSR activities, top‐down approach to CSR management might be more effective in strengthening the CSR perceptions–work engage-ment link.

Cultural diversity of the workforce in developing strategy around the CSR context are likely to result in an engaged workforce through enhanced CSR perceptions and the culturally bound management of CSR initiatives.

These issues need to be balanced with the primary goals of CSR initiatives (e.g., to reduce pollution, support local economies, and defend human rights), as well as the perceptions of other stakeholder groups such as consumers, shareholders, Rupp; Mallory, 2015).

CSR in the Value Chain by Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.

Deborah E. Rupp et al (2018), “Corporate social responsibility and employee engagement: The moderating role of CSR‐specific relative autonomy and

individualism”, Wiley, Journal of Organisational Behavior (Accessed: 23 Oct 2018)